Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum age at which one can take a life insurance Policy?

The minimum age is eighteen (18) years

2. How long would it take to process my proposal?

After the first premium is paid, proposal can be processed almost immediately for a policy document.

3. Can I take a life Insurance Policy even though my spouse already has one?

Yes; you can have as many policies as you and your spouse want provided you have the ability to pay for them.

4. When and How do I access the fund in my account?

After one year, the policyholder can apply for a policy loan. Partial withdrawal can be accessed after two (2) years.

5. How do I know the amount of money in my account?

On each policy anniversary, a statement is sent to the policyholder. Clients may however request a policy statement at anytime.

6. What information can I modify on my policy?

The following can be changed on the policy;

  1. Address
  2. Beneficiary
  3. Sum Assured
  4. Premium Amount
  5. Age*
  6. Name*
  7. Signature

Please note that the items with asterix will require documentary proof.

8. Where can I make a claim?

You can make a claim in any of our offices which are located in all the regions.

7. Do I need a lawyer to make a claim?

You can make your claim without the services of a Lawyer. Claims are processed within a maximum of three (3) hours

9. How many beneficiaries can I name under my policy?

You can name as many beneficiaries as you wish.

10. How can beneficiaries make a death claim?

Named beneficiaries need a CERTIFICATE OF CAUSE OF DEATH and the POLICY DOCUMENT to make a death claim. In the absence of these, certification of death by a prominent person such as a Chief, a Cleric or Imam may be accepted.

11. How will my benefit be paid to me at maturity?

At maturity the policyholder may elect to have the benefit paid as a lump sum or by installments after he/she has submitted the policy document together with an application for the benefit.

12. What happens to my policy if I lose my job, change jobs or travel out of the country?

The policy will remain in force for as long as there are sufficient funds in the account to sustain it.

13. Can I have more than one Life policy?

Yes, you can have more than one Life policy.

14. What means can I use to pay my premiums?

Premiums may be paid by cash or cheque, or through payroll deduction, or direct debit through banks, and by means of the Controller & Accountant-General deduction scheme available to workers on Government payroll.

15. How can I access your products?

We have offices in all the regions. Our products can be obtained through our sales representatives and from our offices in all the regions. Please see the CONTACT US page for details.