Corporate Colours

Our corporate colors, yellow and green are symbolic of light, growth and life thus providing a sense of well-being and security.

The Diamond is hard, precious, sparkles and it is forever. It’s the desire of everyone all over the world to own a diamond. SIC LIFE relates to diamond as the object of Confidence, Trustworthiness, Reassurance, Response, Passion and Strength.

Relating the diamond to SIC LIFE’s core business practice means that SIC LIFE must never fail its consumers, which will ultimately guarantee the consumer “Absolute Peace of Mind”.

The SIC LIFE’s brand has these major noticeable and unbeatable traits which are:

  • Largest most reputable life insurance company
  • Strong financial base
  • Experienced and efficient workforce
  • IT Networked branches in all 10 regions
  • Decentralized operations ensuring swift and quality customer service delivery
  • Prompt claims payment
  • Variety of customer-tailored products

This is a DIAMOND rated experience.