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GES-SIC Life Group Policy Beneficiary Speaks Out; "Claims Help to Defray my Medical Bills" - Adamou Souleymane

43yr old French Teacher at the Presby JHS in the Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District in the Northern Region Adamou Souleymane is singing the full praises of SIC LIFE and GES for the claims received to a tune of GHC9, 000 due to a critical illness. Mr. Souleymane who first signed on to the GES-LIFE Group policy in its early stages in 2018 noted that he was initially indifferent about the policy until the unfortunate incident of being diagnosed with cancer.

 ‘I was always complaining as to why the deductions were being made until I was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know how I was going to cater for my medical bills but the GHC 9,000 claims paid as being a policy holder of the GES-SIC Life Group Policy on September 6, 2019 has helped me defray my medical bills,’ Mr. Souleymane stated.

Mr. Souleymane is hoping to complete treatment by the end of October and it’s also his hope to go back to teach his ‘ecoliers.’

He concluded by encouraging all uninterested GES staffs to get on-board the policy.

‘…it’s a good policy because you don’t know what unfortunate eventuality will hit you. I’ll advise all GES staffs to join the policy,’ he added.

So far, about twenty (20) GES staffs have benefitted from the policy. The SIC-GES Group Life policy is a Government initiative to help improve the welfare of teachers in Ghana. It is a group life policy that covers Life, Permanent disability and critical illness. It is a term policy renewable annually. All employees of GES who are in active service are eligible to enrol onto this policy. GH₵18,000 will be paid out to a named beneficiary upon the demise of a member. Up to GH₵18,000 will be paid out to a member for any permanent disability sustained as a result of an accident or an illness. GH₵9,000 will be paid out to a member upon diagnosis of any of the named critical illness. Critical illness includes cancers, heart attack, kidney failure, loss of sight, stroke, paralysis, deafness.